iPhoto Library Recovery: How to Restore Missing iPhoto Easily

Lost your photos from iPhoto library? Looking for it recovery? iPhoto is an application inbuilt in Mac operating system which enable user to have lots of application that is sharing, printing, maintain, import pictures from various devices like digital camera, cell phone, Internet etc. iPhoto stores these photos in a specific folder that is iPhoto library folder. It also enable user to have other features that is face recognition, Facebook enhancement etc. Apart from photos it also contain files to represent attributes that us albums, ratings, keywords etc. But certain corruption issues can result in inaccessibility of iPhoto files. Now a question arises “how to restore the missing iPhoto files”?

There are several reason which may result in loss of photo from the iPhoto library. Some includes:

  • Corruption of iPhoto library
  • Accidentally deleting iPhoto files
  • severe virus attack
  • synchronization error

Such issues finally result in the deletion of the photos from the iPhoto library. But there is no need to worry as you can easily overcome all these problem by using a recovery software for instant iPhoto library recovery.


How to Recover Lost iPhoto Files

Though recovery of missing iPhoto library files is not an easy task, but still you can retrieve all your lost puictures if you use a effective recovery tool. iPhone photo recovery software can be easily downloaded online and can be used to retrieve files from iPhoto library. It is an easy recovery tool which can easily recover lost iPhoto files lost due the above mentioned issues. Along with recovery it also restores the files in the location as user suggest. The software also allow user to save the files in their desired location. Moreover it also provide user a complete preview of the files before the recovery process starts up. It restores the files in the original form. It also provides user with an easy graphical user interface so that the recovery process can be easily carried out without any experts help.

User Guide : How to Use iPhone Photo Recovery Software

To retrieve pictures from iOS

Step 1: Connect iPhone to your PC. Then enter device DFU mode which is present on the main interface. After switching to this mode , device display is black out.

Step 2: It displays the complete preview of the lost pictures before recovery process starts over. It also provides you option to choose the photo format for restoring them. Then click on the “Recover” button to get back your pictures.

To retrieve Pictures from iTunes backup

Step 1: Switch to a tab specifying “Recover from iTunes Backup File”. Then choose an updated backup of all the pictures from the displayed list and then click on “Start Scan” button.

Step 2: The software will display a complete list of scanned pictures which are present in the backup of the file stored. You can also easily have preview before starting the recovery process. Then choose the desired location to recover and then click on the “Recover” button to recover your deleted photos.




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